Secretary General’s welcome message

Dear Teachers, Parents, and Prospective Delegates,

I am privileged and it is my utmost pleasure and honor to welcome all of you to the second annual session of Benin Model United Nations, as the Secretary-General of the conference. BENINMUN is evolving to meet the current trends of our world today since its inception in 2018. The world around us is altering and developing at a faster rate than ever before, and every year we have to adapt to the new circumstances and address currently arisen issues our world faces. Therefore we at the Secretariat have carefully chosen members and officials to man the affairs of the conference to ensure we have a memorable and impacting conference this year.

Millions of students and persons in and outside Africa do not have the financial background, the level of education, or even the liberty to attend such an event. The world is certainly developing incredibly quickly, but we have to ask the question: do the innovations and changes benefit everyone, or only a chosen few?

We cannot claim to be responsible and intellectual global citizens if we ever forget about those who are less fortunate compared to us. That is why the main theme of BENINMUN 2019 is going to be Cultural Diplomacy and Digital Innovations : tools to promoting a better world; that will touch on our fiber as a people and how we will let it meet the current trends in our world today. Equal opportunities shared responsibilities should be the words that you keep in mind during every moment of the conference. It is never too early to start looking beyond our own selfishness and attempt to create a better world not only for ourselves but for everyone.

Therefore, I invite you all, with humbled enthusiasm, to the 2019 session of Benin Model United Nations Conference. Come, and be a part of a project which reaches beyond the interests of its participants.

Yours sincerely,
Akwasi Boakye
Secretary General



Secretary General, BENINMUN 2019


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