Conference fees

Registration for BENINMUN 2019 is now open!

See below for fees payments & deadlines!


A participant fee is charged for each delegate who attends the conference. The participant fee includes access to all BENINMUN materials and programming: committee sessions, speakers series, mission briefings, preparation workshops, delegate social, auxiliary programming, preparation materials, placards, on-site materials, and all other supplementary conference activities and materials.

Payment Types


 Delegates Silver Category

 25,000 FCFA / 20000 NAIRA/ 295 Ghana Cedis / 50 US DOLLARS


Arrival and departure pick up


Conference materials including pens, notepads, folders and certificates

Social Events

Accommodation and Feeding

DEADLINE: 11th  November




Delegates Gold Category
Francophone Countries 45.000 FCA
Ghana 415 GHANA CEDI
Nigeria 28,000 NAIRA
Other Countries 70 US DOLLARS
Pick up at the airport or bus station

Transportation to all conference destinations

Accommodation at the official conference hostel

Feeding for the entire period

Conference materials including pens, notepads, folders, and certificates

A BENINMUN branded T-Shirt

Right to all Social Events

In conference Trip

DEADLINE: 11th  November