Requirements and Recommendations


Professional office attire, most gentlemen opt to wear suit with tie. Meanwhile, most ladies opt to wear suit jackets, button up shirts, smart dresses or skirts. Jeans or trainers are not permitted.

A suit jacket or blazer is required to be worn by men whilst speaking to the floor of their committee.


  • Bring writing materials; highlighter, pencil, pen to committees’ sessions

  • Research the country they are representing on their political policies and resolutions they are debating.

  • Research and understand the general political, environmental, economic, and social landscapes of the country they are representing


  • Further research case studies related to the points they wish to bring to debate

  • Bring their laptop or device to research with. This will allow them to research properly in the allocated time in their committees.

  • Have a general understanding of the relationships their country holds with others (i.e. the BRICS (association)

Position Papers

The purpose of writing “position papers” is to show that you have studied the topics of your committee and that you generally understand how your country intends to deal with the various dilemmas that will be discussed during your committee sessions.

Positions papers must be written in Times New Roman font 12 between 2 to 4 pages. Your position paper should address three main points:

  • the topic: rephrase the subject in your own words and identify urgent issues that the committee needs to address;

  • your position: give your country’s position on the problem. If you deduce the opinion of your country based on some of the factors listed above, cite how your position is consistent with these factors;

  • solutions: propose solutions that you would like to see discussed in committee. Top quality articles will evaluate the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of different solutions to the committee. When writing your document, do not use the pronouns of the first person “I, we, etc.” Instead, use “Delegation of …” to express the position and opinions of your country.

Position papers must be submitted via If for any reason you are having trouble downloading your document, you can send a copy by e-mail to the chair of your committee to ensure timely submission. Only delegates who submit original position papers that have no plagiarized content will be considered for prizes.

Rules of procedures

The Rules of Procedure apply to all delegates. It is therefore of utmost importance that all participants understand the basic rules of procedure. They will ensure an orderly and productive working atmosphere and thus help to understand diplomatic work. We recommend that all delegates attend the Rules Workshop at the beginning of the conference.

For newcomers to the Model UN, we strongly recommend that you bring procedural rules in long and short form to sessions. You will find some examples of how the elements could be formulated, which hopefully will help you bring your points and motions.